Furniture with a story

Our furniture doesn’t emerge just so,
it’s a combination of functionality and design

From idea to realization

Our collections are not born by accident

The design of the collection went through a process that contains not only functional foundation of the product, but also perfectly harmonized lines. Each one is like a face contour. Their harmony brings expression. We didn’t want to create just another bedroom furniture but a unique place that you will experience every day, every night.

Search for expression

Making sketches is searching for expression, nature of the product. The design of the collection went through many changes when the fanlike effect of vertical backrest bars radically affected expression of the bed.


Many variants emerge from the clutter of lines, shapes, and volumes. It is a process where proportions create an impression; where simplicity enhances detail; where each stroke pushes the idea in the new direction.

Connection of the collection

Bedroom is not just a bed but other components, too, that have to function as a whole. Besides bed, a bench and a chest of drawers was designed.

Small model

The model helps to deeply develop the overall expression of the concept. It allows to prevent crucial constructional or proportional errors already in early stages of development. It is the part of the development that connects digital designing and real space.

The connection of drawn sketches and spatial model creates ideal conditions for verifying the basic creative ideas so that these can be consequently developed in 3D application up to the final product.

Virtual 3D prototype

One of the communication tools between the author and the constructor is a 3D application. It allows the designer to deliver their design to manufacture in such a quality that the constructor is able to process the data for manufacturing in almost unchanged form.

Modern technology & handwork

Our products are result of cooperation between product designer and professional technologists. The production is a combination of modern CNC cutting centers with handwork. Each peace goes through human hands, not just when choosing material but also when finishing it. Hands can reveal even the smallest imperfections during grinding. The final surface finish is manual application of natural oils.