Our family tradition

We’ve been in love with woodwork
since 1897

Our tree rings

With passion for tree rings

Jelinek history

Our history goes back to as far as 1897 and during its existence the company went through many changes, be it proprietary, political, or the recent economic crisis. Despite all these changes we are a 100% family business with more than 60 employees.

We believe in honest work.


Daniel, David & Tomáš Jelínkovi

„Gaining customers’ trust
by honest work”

Jindřich Jelínek’s motto




David Jelínek

The youngest of the Jelínek family and future successor in family business.


Daniel & Tomáš Jelínek

Present directors of the company, revivers of the production tradition after restitution in 1990’s.


1949 – 1991


Vlastimil Jelínek

During the communist regime, the family property was confiscated. Vlastimil Jelínek moves to Prague where he continues to train his sons in cabinetmaking.

1933 – 1938


Jindřich Jelínek

A man with entrepreneur spirit. Originally an employee of Josef Volek, marrying his daughter he became a successor in the company and helped it blossom during the 1930’s economic depression




Josef Volek

The founder of the Jelínek Company that had set the quality standards of furniture making in the Wallachia Region.