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Illusion of levitation

The Amanta Collection is characterized by the illusion of levitation that stands in contrast to the solid oak used. The design comes from Jaroslav Juřica who has lightened this solid wood while retaining the character of a firm oak bed. A distinctly receded base and nightstands as small wings thus seem to be levitating in space.

Amanta bed

Design Jaroslav Juřica
Material dub masiv
Surface finish olej, mat
Inner size. (w × h) 200 × 180 cm
Total width 189 cm (169, 209)
Width + nightstands 232 cm (252, 272)
Total lenght 213 cm (223, 233)

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For our collection Amanta, we have created 4 basic color combinations of natural oils.

You can also choose a combination with upholstered features. We can also provide surface finish in RAL colors on customer’s demand.

  • Tomato red
  • Pigeon blue
  • Whitened oak
  • Milk coffee
  • RAL

Technical drawing


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Unique beauty of solid wood

The solid oak is also emphasized by a distinct rounding of the edges that have both functional and ergonomic purpose – that is mainly in the sideboards when sitting down on the mattress and then in all the outer exposed edges of the furniture.

Compact surface of the front headboard is intentionally disrupted by ingrown, carefully selected knags. Natural oil surface finish allows to lighten the furniture even more with color and to highlight other details, mainly the connection of the shelf to the sideboard or detail of the front headboard.

The possibility of dichromatic combination provides variability when incorporating it in the interior that uses multiple color shades.

What does the product designer
Jaroslav Juřica say about this collection


AS2DD Wardrobe

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 103 × 210 × 60 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-5-natur
  • amanta-products-800x600-5-blue
  • amanta-products-800x600-5-red
  • amanta-products-800x600-5-coffee

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AM2D2 Cabinet

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 101 × 93 × 47 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-6-natur
  • amanta-products-800x600-6-blue
  • amanta-products-800x600-6-red
  • amanta-products-800x600-6-coffee

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AM2Z4 Chest of drawers

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 101 × 93 × 47 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-2-natur
  • amanta-products-800x600-2-blue
  • amanta-products-800x600-2-red
  • amanta-products-800x600-2-coffee

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AM2Z2 Chest of drawers

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 101 × 54 × 47 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-1-natur
  • amanta-products-800x600-1-blue
  • amanta-products-800x600-1-red
  • amanta-products-800x600-1-coffee

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AM1Z4 Chest of drawers

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 52 × 93 × 47 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-3-natur
  • amanta-products-800x600-3-blue
  • amanta-products-800x600-3-red
  • amanta-products-800x600-3-coffee

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AM1Z2 Chest of drawers

Material solid oak
Surface finish oil, mat
Size (w × h × d) 52 × 54 × 47 cm

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Dressing table

Material #1 solid oak
Material #2 solid oak, leatherette
Surface finish #1 oil, mat
Surface finish #2 oil, tapestry
Size (w × d) 100 × 42 cm
Size mirror (w × h) 50 × 98 cm
  • amanta-products-800x600-7-1c
  • amanta-products-800x600-7-2a
  • amanta-products-800x600-7-3a
  • amanta-products-800x600-7-5

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Made from solid
oak wood

High quality without compromise

We haven’t saved on quality

The uniqueness of Amanta Collection lies in material, too. It is completely made from solid oak. There is no veneer, engineered wood, or any other substitute for solid wood. All components of the bed or accessories are solid oak dimensions timbers or piedroits.

Why did we choose oak wood?

Oak is one of the hardest cultivated local woods. Its figure is specific for noticeable, visible pores. Thanks to its esthetic as well as constructional qualities it is the perfect material for making furniture.

Natural figure of the wood

During the manufacturing, natural colored oils are used perfectly protecting the wood, preserving natural figure of the wood, but at the same time offering a wide variety of color versions including deep hues.



were needed to make a prototype of Amanta Bed


of lumber are needed to make Amanta Bed



participated in development of Amanta Collection

Jaroslav Juřica

designer of Amanta Collection


Thanks to a Ingvar Kamprand Scholarship, Jaroslav Juřica has studied at the School of Industrial Design of Lund University in Sweden. He has learnt woodwork craftsmanship at furniture-making high school in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. His design of 002 Chair for TON was awarded with Interior Innovation Award in Germany.

He has various professional experience; including scholarship in NASA, in Dutch studio DEMAKERSVAN, or studying sculpture at FaVU VUT (Faculty of Fine Arts at the Technical University) in Brno. His work in the design field is centered around furniture and industrial products.

Awards & nominations

Designer of the Year 2011 – nomination
Cech Grand Design, 2012
Interrior Innovation Award winner 2012
for 002 Chair by TON a.s.
Final sellection
Global Warming competition by Droog, 2008
Special Prize of Jury
CityPoint competition, 2005
Mobitex furniture fair, Brno, 2004
1st Prize, Young Package Competition
category Young Designer, 2001


For me the Amanta Collection was a challenge, figuring out how to lighten solid wood so that its presence as well as volume remained visible and tangible. Instead of complex shaping I have dealt with the volume as a minimalistic whole floating over the floor. It is kind of a levitating object.

I have let the ubiquitous solid wood to speak through its natural figure both in front section of the sideboards and the recognized ingrown knags evenly disrupting the compact surface of the headboard.

Story of the creation of the collection